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Dr Cephco leaves Lwasa envying in leaked s3x tape- Full video


June is gone and July is now here, what a way the country ended the sixth month of the year especially in the showbiz world.

Socialites amd Tiktokers made sure that despite the hot sunshine, they splashed enough water to keep us wet and entertained. After Lwasa’s s3x tape licking the lolipop under the thighs, Dr Cephco proceeded to show him how its done with the mingling stick.

Cephco a Tiktoker has been in the news for the last few days over misuse of his internet freedom. This landed him behind bars by Full Figure but was later released on bail. He proceeded to clash with socialite Sheikh Umar over his girlfriend who he later dumped for allegedly cheating on him with Umar.

Cephco then hooked up with a one Yvonne Kankaka and the two have now released a s3x tape together. In this tape, Yvonne is first seen giving head to Cephco before he starts banging her ferociously and seriously as she moans out loud in pleasure.

We won’t add much but let u watch the video below:

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