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Another TikToker follows Dr Cephco, releases own n$des and s3xtape


In the past few months Ugandans seem to have been going through a time of divine healing but then the devil attacked again amd still found a way of reminding Ugandans of what they are good at- s3xtapes amd nudes.

These have leaked amd circulated at an alarming rate in the past few days especially through Tiktokers. As the s3xtape of Lwasa was still in the headlines, Tiktoker Cephco’s leaked.

And now nudes belonging to another Tiktoker, Ahereza Lukia have leaked. Lukia a kadama based in Dubai opened her legs wide enough to swallow the entire universe and she showed off what she has.

Lukia’s got a really big ‘kigambo’ and you can’t help but wonder how many ballistic missiles she’s swallowed.

Anyways without further ado, below at the picture and all you have to do is swipe right to access all the images amd video.

Tiktoker, Lukia Ahereza Leaks Nu#des

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