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The fan disrespected me- Kenzo reveals why he beat up fan


Big Talent CEO Eddy Kenzo has revealed why he angrily hit a fan with a microphone during a recent concert in Bwera. Kenzo said that this fan greatly disrespected him thus his reaction.

This is because the fan poured an alcoholic drink onto him yet he’s a staunch Muslim. He also added that this fan poured the drink on him deliberately due to some misunderstandings and competition between promoters in the area.

“There seemed to be a battle between promoters in the area. One of the people who hired us had a grand hotel opening. So the drink spill on me was somehow deliberate. This is because this fan disguised the alcohol as juice. At first I took it lightly but then sniffed the smell of alcohol allover me. Its when I got furious and threw the microphone at him. I felt so much disrespected and even my religion doesn’t accept alcohol. Besides I’m also human and I get angry. However the people of Bwera were happy with the performance,” Kenzo said.

Kenzo further said that fans should start respecting artists and vice versa. This is the only way such cases of harassment in entertainment centres will end.

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