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Both are my friends- Chameleone addresses Bebe Cool and King Saha’s beef


Leone Island boss Dr Jose Chameleone has revealed how he has no side between the ongoing beef between King Saha and Gagamel boss big size Bebe Cool.

According to Chameleone, both of these singers are his friends. He therefore can’t take sides. He however applauded Bebe Cool for the way he’s handled the situation. The Vumilia singer also said that he knew of Saha’s song Zakayo attacking Bebe Cool before it was released.

“About the beef in the industry, the biggest challenge is that Bebe Cool is my senior friend. King Saha too is a friend but not a senior. Actually before he released the song I was aware I just want us to understand that as long as the songs are not violent , its okay. I congratulate Bebe Cool because he handled it maturely,” said Chameleone.

It should be recalled that Saha and Bebe Cool don’t see eye to eye. This follows Bebe Cool’s constant advice to Saha to quit drugs.

Saha in turn didn’t like the advice and resorted to insulting the Wire wire singer. The UMA presidential aspirant proceeded to release a song titled Zakayo attacking Bebe Cool.

Bebe Cool’s son Allan Hendricks also released another song titled Matayo attacking Saha. The latest to this beef is Pallaso who also is set to release a song titled Matayo wa Zakayo.

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