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Fik Fameica addresses his relationships with Spice Diana amd Lydia Jazmine


A few years ago, rumor was so strong between Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica. It was said these two used to enjoy each other’s goodies.

The rumor further had it that they had resorted to chewing themselves tubeless which led to Jazmine becoming pregnant for the Kachima singer but aborted.

However, the rumors somehow died and the two also ceased being so close. Fik was then rumored to be bonking Spice Diana but rubbished this rumor off too.

While addressing these rumors, Fik said that all the women he’s seen with are simply his friends. He has nothing to do with them intimately. Further, the rapper said that if he ever makes things official with his woman, he will tell the public.

“I’m a man and therefore I also have feelings. However, most of the women I’m seen with are actually my friends but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have someone behind curtains. However if things become official, I will announce it publicly,’ the singer said.

Fik also rallied upon his supporters to come and support him. This will be during his Fik Fameica Live In concert on the 26th of August at Hotel Africanna.

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