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My man only cares about my hole not my butt- Minister Evelyn Anite


Hon Evelyn Anite gave one of her Twitter followers a hilarious forever reply after the follower tried to mock her. The Minister posted photos of her and her man having a good time in Dubai.

Anite’s Twitter followers however couldn’t let her enjoy in peace as they took to the pictures to make fun of her. Some pointed out the poor quality of the pictures meaning she used a cheap phone.

Others highlighted how the man is only after her money since she’s not ‘cute’ whereas others pointed out that she’s forcing the relationship.

It was then that one of her followers highlighted how she’s got no a$S.

‘Evelyn doesn’t have ass,” the user said. Well Anite didn’t want to know. She gave a classic reply saying that its not the @ss that matters, it’s rather the hole and she has it in big volume.

‘I don’t need ass I only need a hole 🏃‍♀️,” Anite hit back.


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