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Done and sealed- Levixone and Desire Luzinda legalize their relationship (video)


Yesterday 13th July saw gospel singer Levixone and female ex secular musician Desire Luzinda legalize their relationship.

A video managed to sneak out of the very secretive introduction into social media. And Desire was seen all smiles with Levixone alongside western Uganda singer Ray G.

It should be recalled that Levixone was Ray G’s best man as he wed his wife Annabelle last year.

Levixone and Desire had been rumored to be worryingly close not until Sweden based social media blogger Peng Peng revealed that the two are actually dating .

He added that they would soon officialize their relationship. Few believed these rumors due to various reasons such as the age gap between the two singers as Desire is clearly way older than Levixone.

Desire’s nude saga a few years ago is another thing that has constantly come to haunt her although she is clearly past it. Social media in-laws already feel so bad that they had no wind of this introduction and are already predicting it’s downfall.

Congratulations to this couple and may they stand the test of time.

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