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Yummy and delicious- Winnie Nwagi drops semi n#de video for her fans


Singer Winnie Nwagi decided to s3x-cite her social media fans by dropping a semi-nude video of her in a hot bathtub tub.

Clad in a tiny swimsuit, Nwagi enjoyed a hot bathtub. She then turned around and this is where she sent her fans to Jinja’s soap making company BIDCO for BUL bar soaps.

The Firebaby paraded her giant big fat nyash for the camera with tattoos all over it and fans could not take contain themselves but salivate and lick themselves.

Nwagi is not new when it comes to exposing her body especially her big bossom. She has on several occasions used it to her advantage to keep fans glued to her amd indeed she has succeeded.

Her raunchy wild and sexy photos and videos have always got her clashing with her fans. She’s however blocked off all these or lambasted them to mind their own business and leave her alone.

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