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Lwasa stars in another blue movie leaked by his ex wife Angel Kwakunda


Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa is accustomed to recording pornographic tapes. The tycoon has now so far had about 4 s3xtapes of him released.

It’s not clear whether his dream was being a p0rno star or. As the country is still trying to recover from the shocking video of his pencil thin sized ‘ka-stick’ released last month, another video of him has leaked.

Lwasa can be seen clearly in bed all nekkid with everything on display. This even doesn’t need to be debated about on who is on display as its the tycoon.

And its now clear to everyone he’s small sized and probably its the fingers and tongue that he employs to do the bedminton games.

It’s not clear who this time released the tape but its rumored to be his estranged wife Angel Kwakunda. The two are currently having severe disagreements and Angel even ran to court to file for divorce.

Hopefully the authorities will this time take this matters serious and take the necessary precautions.

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