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Please mind your business- Lydia Jazmine tells off fans


Singer Lydia Nabawanukka popularly known as Lydia Jazmine has come out to tell off her fans that like meddling in her private life.

During an interview with Spark TV, Jazmine said that these people should learn to stay in their lane. Them being fans doesn’t give them a right to dictate how she should live and run her life.

This followed complaints from several of her fans about the numerous semi-nude pics that she usually posts on her social media pages.

These fans said that she should give them music and not nekkid photos. Jazmine however said that she will continue living her life to the fullest and nobody can ever dictate it.

“Some fans also at times become so nosy, when they see people happy, then they complain. A person has to enjoy themselves, they have to trot around the globe if they have money. And when I post the pictures on social media, I have a right to because it’s mine. If it annoys you I’m sorry but I’m not stopping tomorrow because someone has just complained. I’m going to keep doing it, uploading as many pictures as I want because it gives me joy,” said Jazmine.

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