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Demons attacked and haunted me for about 2 years- Grace Nakimera reveals


Singer Grace Nakimera has come out to reveal the reason she turned born again and started singing gospel music. The musician was one of the best during her era on top of being stunningly sexy especially her cleavage that tantalized everybody.

She however disappeared off the scene for some time only to reappear a changed woman. Grace was no longer doing secular music but gospel and revealed why.

The Anfukula singer said that she was attacked by demons meant to kill her by someone. These tormented her for about 2 years until she gave her life to Christ who salvaged her from her turmoil.

Doctors had run several tests on her but none found out that she had a disease. And after being healed, she decided to dedicate her life to Jesus.

“I knew that my password was just Jesus. Just that name Jesus. Because I remember calling my mom, and requesting for help. This was because the person who had sent me the evil spirits, had aimed at ending my life…to kill me. In that moment, I learned very many interesting things.”

“This spiritual attack went on for two years. From 3pm to 5am I wouldn’t sleep every night throughout the year. Different things would attack me, I got really sick, and I was shivering all the time.
I would shiver severely for long hours and from the core of my body, I was always cold. I would tremble for hours and whenever the doctors would check me, they always found no sickness. None of them could figure out the sickness because I had the money and everything. So, I realized that my sickness was for the soul and not the body.”

“Doctors could not figure that out and others would say that am only stressed and come up with heavy bills on me. Thing was that whenever I prayed, it would go.”

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