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Dax Vibez reveals owner of the house rumored to be his


Firebase singer Dax Vibez the younger brother to Bobi Wine has come out to clarify on who the owner of the building rumored to be his is.

Last week a video recorded by the singer showed him at a mega mansion. Rumors started circulating how it is his.

This saw some people question the source of his wealth as his music can’t guarantee him to put up such a mega building. Some said that probably the Kyagulanyi family was fetching the money from the state and enriching themselves at the expense of Ugandans they hoodwink into the struggle talk.

However, Dax Vibez has revealed that the house doesn’t belong to him. He just recorded a video from there as the mode of building fascinated him.

Plus he said that he comes from a family of hardworking men and women. He therefore can’t fail to pick lessons from them about hardwork and hopefully one day he will also have such a building.

” Clarification: Banange this ain’t my building as some propagandists and blogs say though I would love it to be mine.

I recorded this clip last year alongside Kyanja road opposite Kensington apartments and posted it on my Tiktok because I was fascinated by the way the roofing material was being taken to the top.

Recently I was approached by some media personalities who were interviewing me about my new release VibeKyeyo which you need to check out and then clarified on the claims.

Lastly I come from a family of hardworking experienced men and women so don’t expect me not to learn a thing or two from them about development Kuba nange sili fala nyo namwe.

Hopefully I will one day have a building as huge as that awo nvimbe.

Dax Vibez.”

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