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She’s a namamonde and her soul is rotting in hell- Zari and Bad Black body shame Ritah Kaggwa


Forget the woman uplifting woman talk, this was binned by socialites Zari Hassan and Bad Black as they attacked popular social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa.

Ritah who is a known enemy with Bad Black jetted into the country yesterday after a long time in the UK.

And soon as Bad Black landed on the pics taken by Ritah Kaggwa at the airport, she uploaded them on her Instagram and made fun of the blogger’s appearance.

She wondered how someone can live for so long in the UK and still look awful.

“Naye bamikwano mukama talibasonyiwa kale. 20yrs in UK and you still look like this Zombie?” said the ex convict.

Her post was seconded by Zari who is a great buddy of Bad Black. Zari said that Ritah is so bad looking that she in fact looks like a namamonde and elephant.

Zari added that Ritah is so bitter and this is seen in her appearance.

“When I said no hater can be doing better than you salimba. Laba namamonde keyboards have given a lot of betu to this elephant, ndowoza olaba Iwaki kili bitter. The photo speaks for itself, all answers are there. Praying for her soul to heal from bile,” Zari wrote.

Thigh vendor Bad Black was quick to say that Ritah can’t heal from the bitterness because her soul is already burning and rotting away in hell.

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