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CID takes over Weasel’s cases of domestic violence and kidnap


Goodlyf singer Weasel Manizo looks to be in deeper troubles after two cases that have been opened up against him were forwarded to the CID for further investigations.

This was confirmed by Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy spokesperson Patrick Onyango. According to Onyango two cases including kidnap and domestic violence have been opened against the singer.

These were opened up by Sandra’s parents, a friend of hers and the Rwandan Embassy. And since there is an embassy included, the case has grown bigger and out of their jurisdiction reason they forwarded it to the CID.

Onyango also added that Sandra’s parents have continuously been denied access to her. They also received information about how the Mayanja family is secretly treating Sandra so that the scars disappear before they let her meet the public.

Onyango added how they have sent out their spies to verify this claim.

“Two cases have been opened up against Weasel which include domestic violence and missing person. Sandra’s parents have continued to be denied access to her by the Mayanja family. The case was therefore opened up by the Rwandan embassy, Sandra’s parents and a friend. We have also forwarded the files to the CID for further investigations since the case now involves an embassy.

We also got info that the family secretly takes her to a certain hospital and back home. I think they want her to first heal from the scars such that they can let her finally meet people, ” said Onyango.

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