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Love in the air as Diamond Platinumz links up with Zari (video)

It was love in the air over the weekend as Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and ex lover Tanzanian Bongo flavor star Diamond Platinumz linked up.

This was as they celebrated the 7th birthday of their daughter, Princess Tiffah.

The Naanzaje singer held Zari so tight and clearly didn’t want to let go of her. Zari also seemed to enjoy the moment as she got lost in the singer’s embrace.

We can only imagine how Zari’s loverboy Shakib Lutaaya felt as he watched down the video since he wasn’t there.

We all know what happens when exes meet in the guise of coparenting. Things usually get heated and before you know it, they are sliding into a Wrestlemania under the sheets.

An example is of singer Geosteady who after resuming coparenting with baby mama and ex Prima Kardashi, the self styled Mama Lusaniya broke up with Galaxy FM’s Mr Henrie.

Hope Zari is now over changing men like clothes and will be able to stay with her retirement plan- Shakib Lutaaya.

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