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We are tired of rich sugar daddies- Martha Kay cries out


One thing about life that is static is women complaining. The gender will always complain almost about everything regardless. Not being sexist though.

At least this article is backed up by socialite Martha Kay’s recent revelation. She took to her social media pages to narrate how girls like her are tired of rich old men.

She said that these get shocked when a girl turns down their advances. And because of their money they always think that they are ‘non rejectable.’

She further gave an insight into what most girls would love to hear apart from being gunned down with money.

They want to be reminded of how they are beautiful, asked about their personal lifestyle and aspirations among others.

Basically those little things that men tend to overlook.

“Rich men get shocked when you refuse to meet them. Sometimes we want the

“You’re so beautiful ”

“May I take you out on a date, I’d love to get to know you more.”

“I’m proud of you ”

“I’m sorry I upset you”

“What are your aspirations in life?”

Not every time “what’s your mm number,” Martha Kay expressed her frustration.

Well there you go, women will complain about how broke you are but will still complain about how unromantic you are if you’re rich.

Seems like they want a model of all their preferences in you at once amd it seems like they were never told how you can’t have all that you want in life.

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