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Bad Black makes fun of nemesis Ritah Kaggwa’s introduction


It seems like the beef between faded socialite Bad Black and social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa is not about to stop.

This follows Bad Black making fun of Ritah Kaggwa’s introduction that took place yesterday.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Bad Black asked her followers if they saw the ceremony as she added laughing emojis.

“Ba mikwano emikolo mwajilabye oba? Vevede yenyini,” she joyfully said.

Ritah yesterday held an introduction with her Nigerian husband in her parents home. This was not as pompous and glamorous as one would have expected to be.

She revealed that they did the wedding back in the UK a few years ago. Her man paid all the bride price.

However she hadn’t gotten the chance to introduce him to her parents due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and her pregnancy.

“I’m so happy that my husband is finally meeting my family. We got officially married in thje UK but we were yet to come here. During the lockdown I was pregnant and therefore couldn’t move. I however have a few family members in the UK who were there in the presence of my marriage. My man paid the entire bride bride including 3 cows which have even started producing. They don’t owe him anything in regards to our marriage,” she said.


Ritah a few days ago rubbed her marriage in her critics Zari and Bad Black’s faces. This was after these branded her a namamonde.

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