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Bruno K hilariously explains how he got saved


Singer and guitarist Bruno K has revealed how he got saved. Taking to his social media pages, the singer said that he used not to like going to church.

He was however one day seduced by his brother to come with him for prayers.

Bruno only relented to come along after he was convinced that there would be cute girls and he would be linked up with one of them.

Happily he came along in the hopes of hooking up with this yet to be identified girl. Guess who the girl turned out to be, Jesus.

After reaching the church which was Phanero, Bruno K eagerly waited for the girl but soon as Apostle Grace Lubega started the sermon about Jesus, the Faridah singer forgot about the girl.

And by the end of the service, he had given his life to Jesus Christ. He didn’t even remember that he had gone to hook up with a girl.

This happened to him 6 years ago and its how he became born again.

The singer’s story is quiet like most youths out there who go to church in the guise of praying yet in reality they are after hookups.

This is a reality and some of them usually hook up while others end up like Bruno K, surrendering their lives to the lord Jesus Christ.

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