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I write my lovers names on my Kapa Cat while shaving it- Singer Kapa Cat


Musician Kapa Cat has revealed that she always shaves her Kapa Cat in different styles and shapes while shaving.

This was during an episode on the Bina Baibe and Doreen Nasasira podcast.

According to Kapa Cat, while shaving she always makes sure to put enticing styles such as circles, rulers and even a triangle.

She revealed how at times she even writes the names of her lover’s men on her cookie. This left the hosts laughing so hard at this revelation.

This is after a question she was asked on whether she would fancy a man who shaves his pubic hair in styles.

The Sikyo singer said this is not a necessary for a man but a necessity for a woman before explaining how she shaves.

“Me designing its ok because sometimes I put circles, ruler, triangle, abacus but for a man, why should a man be designing himself while shaving. You shave and even out design such as his name like Mugwanya, Ssenfuka, Kityo and an i lobe you design. You just stand in the mirror and design your kapa accordingly,” she said.

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