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Use your help to fight for those who need it- Sandra Teta to Daniella Atim and Mama Ghetto


It seems like Weasel’s baby mama Sandra Teta has decided to ride for her hubby despite the negative criticism he’s been facing.

This is after she came out to tell her inlaw Daniella Atim amd Buchaman’s wife Mama Ghetto to use their power to fight for those who need the help and not her.

She in fact wondered who sent these two to advocate for her since they didn’t call her.

Sandra added that they should know their boundaries and keep im their lane and let her deal with her family issues.

“I want to tell Daniella Atim and Mama Ghetto to leave my family issues alone amd let me handle them myself. I didn’t call for their advice. If they wanted to help, they would have called me first to find out what was going on before going on to spread fake news about me. Daniella and other people fighting for me should extend their help to other women who are facing domestic violence,” said Sandra Teta.

She also revealed that she’s severally told Dr Jose Chameleone to tell his wife Daniella to mind her business.

Mama Ghetto and Daniella however are relentless in this fight against domestic violence.

They vowed to keep pushing and fighting for her till the end.

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