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Furious MC Kats lambasts Fille’s mother



Despite being one of the celebrated TV presenters and entertainers, Kats is known to have an uncontrollable temper when he decides to go off.

This was the case as he faced off with his mother inlaw as he demanded custody for his daughter.

Kats while speaking to his ex Fille Mutoni’s mother demanded to have his daughter Abby handed to him.

It should be recalled that Fille and Kats during their romance sired a daughter together.

However, after bitterly parting ways Abby started living with her mother Fille.

It was here that Kats went to pick her only to be met with stiff resistance from his mother in-law.

Kats told her how she’s been useless to him in all the 12 years he’s known her.

He further added how he’s going to go to authorities in order to reclaim his daughter to which Fille’s mother tells him to go ahead and do.

Kats is also heard in the viral video telling his mother in law how he’s never asked her to help him raise his daughter because she failed to raise her own daughter, Fille.

However, Fille hit back at Kats’ disrespectful behavior and wondered what prompted him to go to her mother’s place.

This is because he’s able to see his daughter whenever he wishes to and she’s never denied him access.

MC Kats always sees his daughter whenever he wants, he talks to her whenever he wants I don’t know why he went at my mothers place,” Fille said.


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