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Winnie Nwagi explains why Swangz Avenue opted out of organizing her concert


Swangz Avenue songstress Winnie Nwagi has revealed why her parent label, Swangz Avenue didn’t organize her maiden upcoming concert.

It should be recalled that Nwagi will have her first ever concert on the 9th of September at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

However, it’s not Swangz Avenue who are organizing the concert but rather KT promotions.

Many people have been wondering why Swangz organized for another of their artist, Azawi and even Juliana Kanyomozi who is not part of their label but not Nwagi who has been at the label longer than all their artists.

Some speculated that perhaps the label is tired of the Musawo singer’s negative publicity and are are slowly pushing her away.

Nwagi however clarified on this. She said that she’s still with the label for good.

However, KT had been organizing her concert before the lockdown came. So when the lockdown ended, they just decided to start from where they had stopped.

“I don’t know why people wish me to leave the label but too bad for them I’m still with Swangz. They didn’t organize my concert because KT had been preparing the concert before COVID-19 hit.

So we just resumed from where we had stopped,” said Nwagi.

Further, she said that there will be only a few artists performing on her show.

This is because she also has lots of songs to perform.

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