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Video: NRM’s Yiga Kisakyamukama undresses in front of camera blasts Kabaka Mutebi


Controversial Yiga Kisakyamukama is in tje news again and still for his controversial behavior.

This is after he took to a video and paraded his fat disgusting buttocks on camera as he blasted the and Katikiro of Buganda plus Bobi Wine for refusing to pay tribute to the late Gen Elly Tumwine.

Kisakyamukama added how he and colleagues are so angry with the Baganda ethnicity for celebrating Tumwine’s death.

He did all this as he uttered untold vulgarities all targeting the Baganda.

This is not the first time he’s involved in such controversies.

A while ago he he uttered obscenities still against Buganda for supporting Bobi Wine in the presidential elections saying that the ethnicity was fed on human waste.

At one point he even badly beat up Tamale Mirundi Junior because his father Tamale Mirundi Sr was insulting President Museveni who has looked after them for so long.

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