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Fatboy and Martha Kay’s row over her range Rover goes on

A back and forth social media war between Radio presenters Martha Kay and Fatboy erupted on Saturday after the former retaliated to the latter’s comments about her new car.
Fatboy, and several other netizens, have been questioning the source of Martha Kay’s income after she showed off a new Range Rover.

They believe that Martha Kay does not have the wealth to buy the car, a 2016 Range Rover Sport model, valued at over Shs200m.

Rumor had also had it that she was blessed by a certain man but Fatboy’s comments have not impressed the Next Media employee at all.

“Is education even necessary when just having big bums can give you this?”
Fatboy wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

Through Twitter, Martha ranted on Saturday, calling out Fatboy to stop hating on little girls. “You don’t have to hate on little girls for clout,” she tweeted.

Upon coming across Martha Kay’s rant, the RX Radio boss noted how his comments were only for banter and not a direct attack on the comedienne.
He urged her to develop a thick skin being a public figure because these sorts of comments will keep coming up and she should never takr them seriously.

Lol, there were just 3 posts. The first one was actually pretty flattering to you. The other two were more cheeky, yes, haha. Some people laughed, some beefed, and everyone moved on to the next thing and forgot about it.
If you’re that thin skinned you will not survive as a comedian. Laugh it off or hit me with a witty come back. Or mock me in return. We all have jokes made at our expense on social media. And it’s all just in good fun.
Stop taking everything seriously. Coz now you’re just giving it more attention. Hmmm… I wonder if that is the goal,” further clarified Fatboy.

He further told her that she owes no one an explanation on the source of her newly acquired dream car.

“Drive your car and enjoy. You don’t owe anyone an explanation as to how you acquired it. But if you’re gonna flaunt the car, expect commentary and in some cases playful speculation,” Fatboy further hinted.

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