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Diana Nabatanzi advises women to always clean their men after having s3x

BBS TV’s Kasukali presenter and local actress Diana Nabatanzi has advised all women out there who engage in coitus to always clean their men after ‘eating things.’

Nabatanzi revealed that immediately after chewing the forbidden fruit, women should help their men if they see them weak.

Further, Nabatanzi said that when a woman sees that her man doesn’t help in cleaning himself, after the game, she should take it upon herself to clean him.

This is because he will wake up in the morning wanting to chew her because of morning glory and the dirt will still be around.

“Even if you haven’t made it a habit to clean him but you know that after having s3x he doesn’t clean himself, it’s your responsibility to clean him because in the morning he will wake up to have sex with you because of morning glory,” she said

“Organize your person… And some don’t care/mind whether they slept with bad odor, and he wakes up to smooch you.”she added.

Further Nabatanzi advised women that sleep nude to always make sure that they don’t have a bad odor.

This is because their men might want to wake up and go down on them yet they are smelling awfully.

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