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I would have been a great footballer than a musician- Rickman

Local dancehall singer Rickman has revealed how he thinks that he would have made a better footballers than any career he would have chosen by then.

Through his Twitter page, Rickman lamented about tearing his ACL In 2016.

He therefore doesn’t know what he would have been but believes he would have made a great dootball career.

The Naki singer would probably be playing in one of the biggest Premier League teams.

However, he’s glad that life threw lemons at him and he made lemonade our of it.

He lost one great career and got another one.

“I ask myself what would have happened if I never tore my ACL in 2016, who would I have become, which people would I have met , which premier league team would I have played for ? But when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I lost one and found one. Alhamdulilah I give thanks.”

It should be recalled that the singer was at one time regarded a professional footballer.

He used to play in the lower leagues of Swedish football such as Dalen KFF, Gunnilse IS, and lately Sävedalen IF.

In Uganda, he usually trains with KCCA FC. He however seems to have decided to concentrate on music.

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