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I refused to give him my beans- Upcoming singer accuses Eddy Yawe of sexual predating

Bobi Wine’s elder brother, Eddy Yawe is in hot soul after a Denmark based singer accused him of sabotaging her career..

Upcoming singer Sumaya Sheebah alleges that Eddy Yawe sold her song to another person after she refused to serve her juicy sumbie to him.

“He always demaded to share a bed with me. He was more interested in my private parts and I want him to stop the exploitation. When he failed to succeed, he decided to redo my song with a different person,” she explained in a video that has since gone viral on social media.

“I paid for the audio production and provided money for the video by Eddy Yawe was only interested in sleeping with me before we could shoot it,” she added.

This artist allegedly met the Dream Studios proprietor in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017 and they struck a working relationship.

She agreed to pay for all the bills involved in the production and video shoot by Yawe ghosted and decided to give her song to another singer known as TYBA.

Early this year another upcoming artist by then Martha Mukisa accused

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