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Tina Fierce releases social media influencer’s adult video


The former Urban TV Scoop on Scoop presenter Tina Fierce has released the adult video of a social media influencer known as Nabbanja Cecile.

The motor mouthed Tina couldn’t take the criticism posed to her by Cecile.

In a tweet, Nabbanja recalled how she used to trash talk Bobi Wine when she was still hired at Urban TV.

However, now that she got fired, she pretends like she’s one of the ghetto gladiator’s biggest fans.

This didn’t sit well with Tina who proceeded to release Nabbanja Cecile’s adult video.

She then warned her how they have to sit down and talk about something.

Tina however faced public backlash which prompted her to delete the tweet.

This saw Nabbanja Cecile say that Tina is doing kicks of a dying horse.

Below is the video

Nabbanja Cecile 3D video


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