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Video: Winnie Nwagi gigantic sumbie finally video taped


Singer Winfred Nakanwagi is one of the sexiest singers alive believe it or not.

Her curves, beauty, talent and sexiness always leaves men yearning for her but they can’t get a touch of her.

The Swangz Avenue singer however has always gave her fans a view of her sumptuous body due to the skimpy clothing she always adorns.

This is both on stage and her normal lifestyle. And guess what fans have always tried to do, record her elephant sumbie and fat nyash.

Too bad for these especially if she nabs them because she always sends them to where they never believed they would get.

Nwagi has beaten some of them whilst smashing some of their gadgets that aid them to do bad manners.

There was however one legend who managed to record the singer from the back view.

In a skimpy outfit, the Musawo singer bent over while performing and this hero had her recorded.

Her massive sumbie was all on display for everyone to see and luckily for him/her, the singer didn’t nab him otherwise she would have ‘Mike Tyson-d’ then.

Below is the video:

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