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Video: Victor Kamenyo in critical condition after being dumped by girlfriend


Faded singer Victor Kamenyo is in a critical condition after being dumped by his girlfriend.

The singer seems he can’t take the fact that he was tossed away because of his bad manners alluding to domestic violence.

In a video making rounds on social media, he can be seen being rushed to a nearby ambulance.

This is as his buddies shout at those recording the incident to put off their cameras.

The maid then tries to explain what really happened but she’s hardly given any audience.

Kamenyo is then put in the ambulance and driven away.

It seems like the singer is seriously suffering from love-monia inflicted onto him by his girlfriend Ruth.

The two a few days ago were involved in a publicized fight which saw her run away from their home.

Despite the several attempts by Kamenyo apologizing to her, she’s refused to forgive him even blocking him on social media.

However, some sources allege that this is just a stunt the singer is pulling in order to revive his retired and tired career.

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