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Man who made MP Kabuura’s wife’s sumbie speak in tongues unearthed



Social media users are still talking about the alleged s3xtape of Karungi Joy.

This is the wife of Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality Member of Parliament Hon Kabuura Derrick Baimukye.

In these vidoes which circulated a number days ago on different social media platforms especially, Joy showed that she’s the definition of the world oceans combined.

The seductive old mama goes ahead to show off her nyash and retired saggy breasts plus her riding skills.

However the real video comes as the another video pops up.

This had ‘Joy’ turning into a linguist as she spoke many languages whilst allocating all her sumbie villages to her bean tormentor.

This guy had also understood the task and made sure to hit her in every secret place that her husband probably had never explored.

She kept on releasing tsunami after tsunami and made the entire room flood with her waters.

The man in the video however tried to hide his face but his identity has been revealed.

According to sources in the area, this man is in his early 40’s and a boda boda rider in Ishaka town.

Sources couldn’t verify his name but it’s said that he’s known as Byakatonda Ephraim.

He’s married with 4 kids but this didn’t stop him from going to Kabuura’s wife’s Parliamentary chambers and dictating the state of affairs in the MP’s absence.

These sources further say that Ephraim had become the boda guy of the home.

Both Kabuura and his wife have been using him to run a number of errands for the home.

And with Kabuura’s tight schedule as the MP of the area and spending most of his time in Kampala, his wife felt lonely most of the time.

And being a waterlogged queen with her feelings nearer, she started growing fond of Ephraim.

One thing led to another and she ended up buying him a smart phone for easy communication.

She would then start sending him tantalizing and seductive pictures of her.

Ephraim decided enough was enough amd plotted with Joy to bonk themselves mercilessly.

Soon as Kabuura left for Kampala for a plenary session, these culprits decided to hit a lodge in the outskirts of Ishaka.

It was here that they harvested each other and bonked themselves till none of them could remember their way back home.

Ephraim’s boda boda buddies have however hailed their colleague for doing the ‘undoable and unthinkable.’

This is nothing big according to them because this is a common practice for boda boda cyclists chewing married sexually starving women.

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