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Who is better: Cindy and Sheebah’s n#des leak


There is no doubt that singers Sheebah Karungi and Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy don’t like each other.

This is a beef much fuelled by these fans who keep on comparing them to each other.

Whereas they may differ in a number of ways, they actually have lots of similarities.

Both started out in girl groups with Cindy being in the Blu 3 while Sheebah was in The Obsessions.

All of them however pursued solo careers which have turned out to be successful.

Whereas Cindy found instant success as a solo artist, Sheebah’s star took long to shine and its just a couple of years ago.

These musicians have one thing in common that is a trademark of theirs and it is indecency.

They have all at one time been criticized for indecent dressing .

With that in mind both have had their n#des released at some point in their lives.

For Cindy, they came out in 2008 after she had disagreements with her ex and baby daddy, Italian Mario Brunette.

Sheebah’s came out at a time she was all distraught and was accused of being a lesbo.

And since they are all Queens of the mic, stage and indecency, who do you think wins in the last category.

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