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I’m so disappointed in you- Kapa Cat to lover who lasted 40 seconds in bed


Songstress Kapa Cat is not a happy woman after her lover a one Andrew failed to dance her to satisfaction.

She quickly took to her social media pages to lambast him.

The Centre singer wondered why this Andrew is always going to the gym.

This is after he lasted just 40 seconds in bed.

“Andrew! Omazemu Amanyi Kyoka osiiba mu Gym! Just 40 secs,” a disappointed Kapa Cat who seems to have been left dissatisfied posted on her social media handles.

Further, Kapa Cat has on several occasions showed off her insatiable bedminton appetite.

Through her songs, social media posts amd photos, Kapa Cat surely has a huge appetite of playing hide and seek under the sheets.

She even offers private massage therapy to clients with heavy cash as a side hustle.

Unconfirmed reports state that she used to play professional adult matches before she found fame.

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