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Leila Kayondo and SK Mbuga rekindle their relationship


Don’t ever try to advise people who are madly in love with each other because they will hate you for no reason.

They always break up and make up and you will be seen as the bad one if you try to advise them.

Please stay in your place if you can because you might get repercussions you didn’t anticipate for.

Singer Leila Kayondo and businessman/socialite Sulaiman Kabangala aka SK Mbuga do have a great adoration for each other.

The pair are back to talking and their relationship has been restored to normal.

This was confirmed by the Awo singer herself.

Leila said that nobody can ever try to separate her from her ‘bestie.’

“Yes I’m back to talking terms with SK Mbuga and we are so tight. In fact we are besties and nobody can separate us. He usually heys me up and I do the same so yeah, we are good,” said Leila .

It should be recalled that a while ago she went on a trade of insults targeting the tycoon.

She insulted him through her social media handles amd TV interviews.

Leila told Mbuga to never come sneaking to her place again at night lest she would snap and expose his bald head.

Additionally, she regretted the day she ever met him adding that he’s been of no use to her entire life.

Leila also denied having ever dated the Socialite who is now married to Viviene Jalia Birungi.

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