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Da Agent reveals why Gravity Omutujju held press conference


Local rapper Da Agent has expressed his shock at the fact that Gravity Omutujju cried in his press conference held last week.

The Mayi Mayi singer said that Gravity all along has been posing like a man made of steel.

It was therefore a surprise to see him melt in tears.

According to Da Agent, Gravity was diagnosed with a lot of diseases such as hypertension, ulcers, asthma among others.

Therefore in order to manage these, he had to apologize to avoid the backlash.

And although he didn’t issue a thorough apology, Da Agent believes the Tusimbudde singer’s comments were unfortunate.

He should therefore swallow his pride and apologize to the 3 artists he disrespected.

“I saw the man crying and wondered if he’s the real one because he’s been barking around like he’s made of steel. The reason why he apologized is because he was told he has diseases such as pressure, asthma, ulcers and others. So if the pressure kept coming in, he would collapse,” said Da Agent.

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