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Rema shattered my heart to pieces


Musician Edirisa Musuuza popularly known as Eddy Kenzo has revealed how his ex baby mama and wife Rema Namakula shattered his heart to pieces.

Kenzo while responding to a question about Gravity’s tears in a recent conference pointed this out.

The Bolingo singer singer said that no one can ever make him cry especially for his opinions.

When the singer was reminded how he cried when Rema was getting married to Dr Hamza Ssebunya, Kenzo said that it was a personal attack.

His family was involved a thing that hurt him so much.

While officiating the marriage between Rema and Hamza, the late Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata lambasted Kenzo and told him to go and marry his mother if he wanted a woman with characters such as hers.

This pained Kenzo so much who ended up crying because he never knew his mother for long.

Kenzo defended Gravity over his diss targeting Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Dr Jose Chameleone.

He said that instead of crying, he should have defended his opinion.

“I think Grvaity should have stood by his word. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his perspective. I’m just disappointed that he couldn’t defend his words and just cried. For my case I’m a soldier and nothing can make me cry.
When I cried back, it was because family was involved and the person who I knew for long and loved and even share a child with decided to join hands with people she had known for not more than 2 months to talk bad about me. That really hurt me so much,” said Kenzo.

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