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Ugandan popular TikToker Vivian Kaitesi to venture into adult content


With the tough economic conditions prevailing, different Ugandans are looking for different ways to make an extra buck and survive.

And social media together with the internet look like one of the extra ways to make money.

Popular Ugandan TikToker Vivian Kaitesi more known as Gold Viv has decided to venture into production of adult content to get an extra buck.

She took to her Instagram to make an extra buck by announcing her arrival on an internet subscription service known as Onlyfans.

She revealed how her rates are at 15 dollars a month for subscribing to her account.

Onlyfans is an internet content subscription service based in London, United Kingdom.

It’s mainly used by s3x workers who produce plus adult materials.

However it also boasts works of other content creators such as physical fitness experts, musicians among others.

Some of its biggest earners are Cardi B, socialite Blac Chyna, and ex-porn star Mia Khalifa.

Gold Viv has already placed her monthly subscription at $15.

She’s one of the most followed content creatits on TikTok.

Her account boasts close to 4 million followers and has amassed over 80m views.

She’s romantically linked to Nigerian music mogul Don Jazzy a thing that has hastened her rise to fame.

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