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Hajjati Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata to wed lover Yiga Akram soon


‘Namyemolo’ Kulthum Muzaata is over the moon as her wedding to lover, Akram nears.

The two were spotted together at Entebbe Airport as Kulthum welcomed Akram back from South Africa where he works as an engineer.

She couldn’t contain her joy and as she’s always known for acting like a baby when talking about Akram, she did the same.

Apparently Kulthm can’t wait to walk down the aisle with the love of her life and she proceeded to reveal the wedding and Kwanjula dates.

“Yes I missed him so much and missed everything about him like a woman. Of course a home can never be complete without the man or woman’s presence.

People should just wait for us on the D-day and see how we are going to have a blast. The Kwanjula will happen on 25th and the wedding on 18th. I really just can wait and I’m so excited,” said Kulthum.

Kulthum and Akram got married in a Nikkah ceremony at her parents home in Magere last year.

The two started dating in 2021. This was after Kulthum’s husband, Sheikh Nuuhu Muzaata Batte passed away in 2020.

Akram and Kulthum had earlier met in South Africa where they got connected as friends.

And at a time when many men were typing their luck with the seemingly and abundantly love filled Kulthum, it was Akram that managed to win her heart.

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