Emboozi ya Senga

Nansana Video on the go to be released


Just when you think that Ugandans have been treated to all kinds of drama especially in bedminton tapes making it to the internet, we are always proved wrong as videos keep dropping like the rains from above.

And guess what, as the month nears to a close, it seems like the social media streets are about to be treated to another blockbuster tape of people doing bad manners and dancing themselves to pulp.

The place which is trending with this video is sinister with such unfortunate events is none other than Nansana.

It has in the past trended for almost all the wrong reasons such as robbery, murders among others and now they are taking a twist in content production.

And just so you know, when a place is trending on Twitter out of no where, just know something soggy, wet and pounding is about to drop.

Nansana is currently trending and many are sure that another video is about to join the mighty tapes of Bushenyi MP’s, Kabale tape and recently the Kasese tape which have all left Ugandans salivating and in disbelief.

Whereas these videos usually take long to appear as the individuals having them are too selfish to share, they usually and finally land onto the big screen.

All the tapes released this year have indeed shown that Uganda is a naturally endowed country and despite being landlocked, the waters are in abundance.

In fact if all the water bodies dried up, these ladies who have seen their videos surface can replace them and address water shortage.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed with this pending video and the instant it pops in, you shall be the first to access it.

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