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Victor Kamenyo’s girlfriend reveals why they broke up


Local rapper Victor Kamenyo’s ex girlfriend Ruth Akoragye Angora has come out to reveal why she parted ways with the singer.

The two some time ago were embroiled in a bitter fight after a video of them exchanging heated words surfaced online.

Kamenyo then tried all ways to win back her heart but all these failed.

Ruth then started moving out with other guys bu the couple somehow came to a way of mending their differences.

However, they still got issues and grew apart a thing that forced Kamenyo into studio.

He released a diss track titled Nakukyawa (Ruth) aimed at his ex.

She’s now come out to warn him to take down the song or remove her name from it.

And if he fails to, she will show him the real her.
She also aimed a diss at the singer by saying that he reasons like a baby yet physically he’s a mature man.

“Kamenyo is a little baby. Appearance-wise, he is an old man. But he is a baby… I have given him two days to remove the song, or he changes it and removes my name,” she said.

Kamenyo a while ago revealed that he doesn’t think he will ever get back with his ex.

He revealed that she didn’t love him at all.

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