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No waters as Kenyan gospel musician’s n#des leak

Kenyans seem to be getting infected with vices from their neighbors in Uganda of having their n#de content leak online.

The latest victim now is a Kenyan gospel singer known as Mary Lincoln.

She’s the latest to find her adult content making rounds on social media.

In these photos and videos, it seems like she was from taking a shower.

She then decided to video call someone without anything on her body.

Everything of hers can be seen from her sumbie to her sumptuous boobies.

She then tries to please herself but she has little maji maji that has left social media users discontented.

These especially from Uganda contend that Kenya is still far away from tje Pearl of Africa when it comes to such things of spilling waters.

Mary is said to have heard her nudes leaked by a side dish with whom she’s been cheating on her husband with.

This was paying her financial bills since the husband is broke after he lost his job.

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