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Video: Shock as Police undresses man disgusing as a woman

There was a shock at a certain police station in Uganda after a man disguising as woman was nabbed red handed .

According to a video making rounds on social media, this fella is being seen asked to undress while at a police station.

He completely looks like a woman and there is no way one can tell that it’s a man.

All his face was covered in make up and anyone that bumped into him wouldn’t fail to throw in a word.

However, while at the station, the officers had no time for his nonsense as they asked him to remove all his clothes.

It was then that shock downed on them. He had his genitals hidden inside his legs and he was asked to pull them out to which he did.

Even his voice completely sounds feminine.

It’s said that he’s been fleecing unsuspecting times of their dimes.

They would take her/him out hoping to chew her but after chopping their money, he would disappear into thin air.

However, he was unlucky this time round as he got nabbed.

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