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Video: Pastor Bugingo reveals secret why Susan Makula can’t dump him


House of Prayer International Ministries lead Pastor Aloysious Bugingo and his wife Susan Makula have always cut a controversial figure over many issues.

From the nature of their marriage to their church sermons, everything about this couple is bizarre.

While counseling married couples, Bugingo seemed to hint on why his wife Makula can’t leave him.

And of course this is as controversial as you would think of it.

Bugingo said that the reason why most women leave their men is because of just two reasons.

And these are the wife not being friends with the husband and also the man being poor in bed.

“There are just two reasons why your wife is going to leave you, one she’s not your friend. Mine of course can’t leave me because we are friends. Reason two is you are not good in bed and she will have to meander off to somewhere else where she can derive sexual satisfaction,” said Pastor Bugingo.

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