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Go and treat yourself- Bad Black advised Nakankaka after viral video

Socialite amd former convict Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has reacted to the trending tape of TikToker Yvonne Nakankaka and Dr Cephco.

The adult video which was released a couple of days ago is currently the talk of many due to its content.

A lot of people have been applauding Nakankaka for the ‘KYOVU’ that she oozed out of her sumbie as she got pounded.

Many said that this is the the real work and it’s what all ladies should release when they are enjoying the game and not the plain waters which many say is urine.

However according to sumbie vendor, Bad Black who surely knows everything about sumbies and the bedminton games, she said that what Nakankaka had is infections.

She has gonorrhea, syphilis, candida and other diseases.

It is these that clog her amd make up the dirt inside her which is released as Ekyovu.

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