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Is Nakankaka’s KYOVU good? Ugandan Sekadama tells new facts


For a number of days, TikToker Yvonne Nakankaka has been dominating the headlines after her adult vidoe made rounds on social media.

This was actually going great with many applauding her for being a full package.

All those that watched the video praised her for the KYOVU she was oozing and all slim women.

This was not until famous ex sumbie vendor Bad Black came out to claim that Nakankaka’s KYOVU us unhealthy.

It’s actually caused by UTI’s such as gonorrhea, syphilis and candida before advising her to seek medical attention.

However a certain Sekadama has disagreed with Bad Black’s submission.

He said that Nakankaka’s KYOVU is actually good amd smells nice.

Besides, the sound it makes while a woman is being chewed of ‘mpya tuku mpya tuku tuku tuku’ is the real deal.

And for women who are not KYOVU-ful they aren’t sweet at all.

Well for now we don’t know what to take other than just finding out ourselves.

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