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Video: All you need to know about Malaika Love/Asiimwe1900’s tape as she speaks out for the first time


This story about a certain babe’s video on social media has been the talk of social meida streets everywhere.

The story about Malaika Love/Asiimwe1900 has run the local tabloids for a number of days now a thing that has made her trend near and afar.

This was after allegations that there is an adult video of her being chewed.

However, despite the numerous searches for this video, nothing came up.

It was all a hoax and this particular girl in a live video has cemented this.

She said that someone created a social media account and started uploading her photos saying that there is a video of her.

However, this is not true and such a video doesn’t exist

She also apologized for all the harm and misinformation contained in the rumor.

All the videos that have circulated related to her are false and she doesn’t have any adult video out there.

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