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Netizens accuse Pallaso of breaking Sasha Brighton’s delicate heart to pieces.

Female inger Sasha Brighton is currently nursing a broken heart by an anonymous man.

From an audio released on social media, the singer can be heard painfully sobbing as she narrates her woes.

Sasha reveals how she can’t afford basic things anymore.

She can’t pay her rent at all and she’s heavily burdened and troubled.

She further narrates that this is all because the man she loved and fathered a child with stopped her from working.

He additionally gave her number of directives which she followed as he promised to look after her.

However, since then this man no longer picks her calls nor sends her any help a thing that has left her depressed.

For now it’s not clear who she refers to in this particular case as she’s been linked to a number of men such as Herbert Shonga with whom she parted ways a while ago.

Others include fellow singers such as Crysto Panda and Pallaso.

It’s however Pallaso that social media users are heavily accusing..

The two were rumored to be feasting on one another after their photos circulated to the media a while ago during a video shoot of Pallaso’s song.

Although the pair denied the allegations, social media users were left doubtful.

Sasha Brighton so far has two kids with different fathers all who are unknown to the public and she’s always made sure to keep her children away from the camera.

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