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Video: Karole Kasita and dancers chew themselves on stage

Well singer Karole Kasita might be heavily pregnant but that doesn’t stop her from doing what she does best, entertaining her fans.

The Yaka singer has become famed for bein one of the best dancers in stage due to her freakish wild and naughty dance moves.

However since she’s now heavily pregnant, she cant dance in such a manner and it’s her dancers who do what she wold ahve done.

This was the case at Galaxy FM’s Zzina Festival over the weekend at Jahazi Pier in Munyono. The singer called three of her dancers , two females and one male onto stage and these really did dirty to themselves.

The guy danced all the two chics one after one and it’s quite clear that he did have a great time.

Karole at first applauded and encouraged them to go ahead but after seeing things almost get out of hand, she told them to stop immediately.

This is not the first time the singer and her dancers are putting up the shameless oversexualized dances.

But it seems like people are having enough of them as some were seen complaining about how dirty the dances were.

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