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Video: Shock as pastor Ronnie practices Kung Fu healing miracle in his church


Pastors in Uganda have these days turned out to be comedians and are some of the most hilarious individuals in the country.

These pastors do all kinds of funny things and Brother Ronnie Makabi of Holy City Entebbe church was at it in a recent church sermon.

Makabi resorted to Tae Chi and some Kung Fu moves while performing a miracle.

This was as he prayed for a certain man who reportedly had an evil spirit of fighting.

The man as the spirit exited him tried to get up and fight Makabi who in turn pulled out some hilarious Kung Fu moves to battle the man.

This fella however who was being healed got held tightly by the church ushers.

This has attracted all sorts of opinions especially from social media users citing how these pastors take people for granted.

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