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Rahmah Pinky resorts to marriage for survival after being fired from TNS


Photos currently making rounds on social media seem to suggest that upcoming singer Rahmah Pinky seems to have gotten married.

The photos show Pinky in Muslim marriage wear with a yet to be indentifed man who clearly looks way older than her.

And the two seem to have been at a Kwanjula traditional marriage ceremony.

This has left many people wondering if the singer in order to survive after being fired by Jeff Kiwa from TNS decided o get married to make ends meet.

Some however think that this could be a video shoot as nothing is confirmed yet.

It should be noted that Rahmah Pinky is not new to such marriages.

She a while ago attracted headlines when her family made her marry a man who was clearly tens of years older than her.

And by then she hadn’t yet made the legal age of 18.

Rahmah Pinky meanwhile got kicked out of TNS by Jeff Kiwa last month due to indiscipline and she already seems to be struggling.

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